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    outstanding article in "Eater" Magazine!

    This is a link to an excellent article about Bentonville dining in Eater Magazine...

    Be proud Bentonvillians...Benton villans? That would be a good name for a football team..


    Geena Davis and the Bentonville Film Festival - I LOVE BFF!

    I had the honor of attending the kickoff celebration for the Bentonville Film Festival tonight.  A nice crowd of about 250 attended the bash at the 21C Hotel and enjoyed drink and snacks provided by some of the event sponsors. Geena Davis, actress and chairman of the BFF was there along with actress Joey Lauren Adams and a presentation was given that outlined some of the events and stars that will be attending. Some of the manes mentioned were Robert DeNiro, Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Sandra Bullock among many others. This will be a BIG DEAL for Bentonville. I can't stress this enough. This will be something that will occur every year that our area will benefit from in a unique way in that not only will it bring several thousand visitors to Bentonville but will also put Bentonville on the map nationally if it weren't already.

    I got my picture taken with Ms. Davis - she is a beautiful and elegant woman who I had to look up to, literally. Very gracious with all of the guests and took time to take pictures with lots of attendees. There was also a special announcement about a movie premiere here that I won't bring up now because it hasn't been announced yet, but it will be a big event.

    Thanks to Geena Davis and Trevor Drinkwater who are the driving force behind this event. It will be a boon to Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas. We are truly blessed!


    drew barrymore in Bentonville? No, not yet...

    I am still getting searches from people wanting to know more about Drew Barrymore. From what I hear, whe was considering buying a house here but decided against it. Who knows, maybe later on...

    Now you all know... She's certainly welcome here!


    i love a good history mystery

    As you probably already know if you read this site, I am a historian and I metal detect old sites. I like to be able to feel history in my hands and wonder who the last owner was that dropped a coin or button.


    This is a group of buttons we call "flat buttons" because they are, haha, flat and they usually don't have an inscription on them. Four cuff buttons and four coat buttons, brass, likely Confederate Soldier buttons. These were found near a spring which was touted to have some of the best water for miles along the old Civil War trails in Northwest Arkansas. I wonder who lost them? Were they getting ready for battle at Pea Ridge or Wilson's Creek or just passing through? Of course they could be civilian buttons since they aren't marked on he front, but the backs are mostly marked by makers of buttons from the Civil War time period. Since this site was next to a known camp for both Union and Confederate soldiers, I can safely assume that most of them are from the War. It's interesting to wonder who it was and never be able to know...somebody was likely cold after losing a coat button or two I would think...Confederate soldiers were often not in uniform but wore their clothes from home. That's where these buttons came from. Home was always on their mind.


    The next one is an even bigger mystery...


    This is an old tag probably from a soldier, unknown which side...His initials were "N F" and that's all I can read on it. I don't know whether he wore it around his neck or had one of his valuables marked with it. I often wonder who this "N F" way to determine it, ever...I wonder what he was like, whether he missed his family or didn't have one, did he survive the war or was he killed in the battles around Bentonville...all questions never to be answered.

     If you have a mystery, I'd love to hear about it...always fun to imagine history...



    bentonville north walton loan consortium announced

    This will be a big boon to the North Walton corridor and will ultimately help us all in spreading the city growth away from strictly downtown and stretch further to the north...



    Bentonville Chamber of Commerce:

    The Bentonville/Bella Vista Chamber of Commerce announced today the formation of the North Walton

    Loan Consortium program for development and redevelopment of North Walton Boulevard in

    Bentonville. In association with its partner financial institutions, the program has been established to

    assist the private sector in realizing and accelerating enhancements or rehabilitation of current facilities

    as well as the construction of new projects. The program provides financing at lower interest rates to

    qualifying individuals and entities with viable proposals for the enhancement of the corridor. The

    corridor encompasses the property that abuts or falls within the block to the east or west of North

    Walton Boulevard between Ridgefield and West Central Avenue.


    The Loan Consortium is made up of the following eight partners: Arvest Bank, Bank of Gravett,

    Centennial Bank, First Security Bank, Grand Savings Bank, Iberia Bank, INTRUST Bank and Simmons Bank.  Each participating member has committed $2 million dollars to the program for a total pool of $16

    million dollars. The Loan Consortium will run through December 31, 2017, or until such time as available

    funds have been committed.


    Loans approved by the Loan Consortium will generally have a term of seven (7) years or less and be for a

    minimum amount of $50,000. The maximum interest rate to be charged for a loan issued by the

    Consortium will be Wall Street Journal Prime adjusted daily or a fixed rate equal to a 2.00% spread

    above the corresponding Federal Home Loan Bank Secured Connect amortized balloon advance rate.

    The fixed rate term shall be fixed for five (5) years, with any amortization period exceeding five (5) years

    subject to a floating rate as determined by the Loan Consortium.


    “We are very pleased to partner with these eight financial institutions to positively impact North Walton

    Boulevard, the northern gateway into Bentonville“, said Dana Davis, CEO & President of the

    Bentonville/Bella Vista Chamber of Commerce. “Each partner was eager to participate and support the

    development of this important corridor.”


    The initial step in the process is to file a “Notice of Intent to Apply” with the Bentonville/Bella Vista

    The initial step in the process is to file a “Notice of Intent to Apply” with the Bentonville/Bella Vista

    Chamber of Commerce, available from the Chamber beginning February 2. If the Chamber determines

    that the project will lead to a significant improvement of an existing structure in the development area

    or will result in new construction (or a combination of both new and existing) that will significantly

    enhance the development area, the applicant will be invited to submit a formal Loan Application to the

    Loan Consortium. 


    “Once we prove the success of the program, it would be our hope to replicate it in other areas of the

    communities we represent that need similar assistance”, said Davis.