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    I know you have ask!

    My good friend Rustin Chrisco of Main Street Builders commented on my site about the article on Cheif Jerry the way, if you need a house built downtown, call me and I'll hook you up with Rustin and his partner Jake Lambert - anyway, he had read the article on Jerry Griffith. If you have a question about Bentonville - anything, it doesn't have to be real estate related, it can be anything on Bentonville history, please email me. I can find out almost anything you want to know. Many people visit from places far away from Bentonville and I know you are looking for something...maybe it's just that you are trying to find out the Bentonville truly IS the jewel of middle America that most haven't fonud yet. Just email me and I will figure it out. I am open to all questions about the area, both real estate and non-real estate. I want this site to be somewhere that you can come to get your questions answered. Is Bentonville the perfect spot in the middle of the United States to live? Yes, and I can tell you why. Is it the perfect place to come and look for a home or a job? Yes and I can tell you why that is. Give me the opportunity to help you. If I don't know, I will find out. If you are considering a move here, then the answer is yes, come here. No doubt. I have been all around the US and in Europe some and I can tell you, this is it...the real deal. You will love it here. Let me be your guide to Northwest Arkansas. You will be happy with the results. Thanks.


    bentonville running festival named one of the top 50 races worth traveling for

    Resident runner and active Bentonville123 supporter Joel Feemster sent me this link:

    It is a site sponsored by TripAdvisor that lists the top running events around the country that are worth traveling for and the Bentonville Running Festival was the top listing for Arkansas. Something to be proud of, as the area continues to grow and be known for parks, recreation, and entertainment.

    Thanks Joel!


    University of Arkansas Lacrosse

    My son, who is a freshman at the U of A, is on the lacrosse team. We played University of Nebraska Saturday in Columbia, Mo - an unfortunate loss, but a beautiful day and we had a good time watching the action...



    an interesting Bentonville post card

    I bought this post card the other day. It's from about 1910 I would guess. It has the three principal churches of Bentonville of that time:

    I can't read the names at the front, but the back is the interesting part. Someone had written about their visit to Elkhorn Tavern, numbering this one as #3. I would love to see the rest of the narrative.

     It's pretty easy to read, so I won't write it all out, but they made a visit to the Tavern, which wasn't owned by the Park Service until 1959. The lady he speaks of is Mrs. Cox, who operated it as a tourist site until the sale, dying a year later at age 95. They speak of people walking around the battlefield picking up cannon balls and bullets, etc... Wow if it were only that easy now!


    one of my downtown listings is under yours next?

    My listing at 407 SW 3rd is now under contract. I still have 401 NW A available with a large lot with 130' feet of frontage on NW A, just two blocks from where the new Neighborhood Market will be located. But I need more! There is a huge demand for downtown area homes. If you have one that you would consider selling, please let me know...I will give you a fair and honest evaluation of what it will bring in today's market. Who knows? Yours may be just the one someone is looking for. Call me with anything you have for a no obligation market analysis. You aren't tied into anything so what do you have to lose? Call me today 903-0328. Thanks!