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    The Current Bentonville Market

    Just a few interesting facts:

    575 homes have sold in Bentonville since Jan 1 2014. Average days on the market were 141. Average list price was right at $100 per sqft and sold at $98 per sqft. That's pretty astonishing considering we are recovering from a near depression only a couple of years ago.

    There are currently 464 homes on the market in Bentonville with an average list price of $115 per sqft, which means home prices are rising.

    If you are looking to buy or sell, now is the time! give me a call...and Thanks! 


    Work continues on the downtown retail/market space at an amazing clip

    The new retail/office center on the downtown square is moving forward now at an amazing pace. Included is the three story parking garage on the northwest corner. Soon the Neighborhood Market will commence construction. Completion date is predicted to be in 2015, but they are moving along mighty fast...






    House Hunters TV program comes to Bentonville

    An edition of "House Hunters" is set to be aired in August featuring a couple searching for the perfect home in is a link to the article...


    Bentonville in time lapse photography - a film by the Adair Creative group

    Attached is a link to a neat little film by Bentonville's Adair Creative Group. You gotta watch this one, as it sums up Bentonville quite nicely in a unique way!


    July 4th, 2014 - The Bentonville Square

    I am hanging out in the office this morning. It's First Friday celebration on the square and the 4th of July. The door's open and a few folks have dropped in to visit. There is live music on the square that started at 1100 this morning and will run until 800 tonight. The Cate Brothers are the final act - if you haven't heard them you really should. They are the best local "Memphis Blues" style band in the area. They had a Top 40 hit back in the 70's with "Union Man" and played extensively with tons of folks, especially with Levon Helm and The Band, touring around the country from the 60's until the 2000's when they finally tapered off a little.

    It's stuffy in here, but a beautiful day outside for being on the square. To me this is what a small town is all about - folks gathered downtown for music, food, merchandise for sale, art,'ll all be capped off by fireworks at Orchard Park about 9:30.

    I can't stress to you enough how beautiful our town is and how fortunate we are to live in a country where all of this is popular. God bless those who went before us to fight to make it all happen.

    Drop in and see me sometime...thanks